Afternoon Workshop: User Needs from Open Data Standards

Time: 14:00 – 17:30 Venue: Shaw Centre, Room 205 and 207

”For those who labor long and hard to craft good and just standards, as well as for those who have suffered from their absence. In the one hand, the fight against the tyranny of structurelessness. On the other, the fallacy of one size fits all.”

  Martha Lampland & Susan Leigh Star, dedication to Standards and their Stories

Crafting good standards, and implementing them effectively, involves a balancing act. Data must be made simple, accessible and interoperable. Yet the complexity of our diverse world, and questions of effective access and power, cannot not be ignored.

Sometimes we need common standards; sometimes shared identifiers; and other times, we need tools and translation, bridging data between different domains, and enabling collaboration across boundaries.

This interactive workshop session will dig into different users need from open data standards, and will explore different ways to meet these needs with tools, standards, support and community building. To participate, please fill out the following form below.

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